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Foers Ibex

Although we have a fully equipped Defender 90 suitable for the ‘Adventure’ course, perhaps the best 4x4 is the Foers Ibex.  We purchased our first Ibex in April 2005 (Chassis No. 4F001 and the first one ever built).   Compared to the Land Rover Defender 90, the Ibex has far better ground clearance, approach and departure angles because of modifications made to the vehicle.

Being Chassis No. 1, our Ibex was the first of its kind, conceived by John Foers, who built the vehicle using many of his own parts.  Foers Engineering Ltd, based in Hexham, Northumberland, are now in the process of manufacturing their 94th Ibex.

Manufactured in 1988, our Foers Ibex is a station wagon (i.e. with windows).  Subsequent models are all slightly different, with variations in length of chassis and vehicle build/specification.  Ours is 94” (240cm), the same length as a standard Land Rover Defender 90.  As ‘standard’, it was fitted out to full ‘event specification’ (i.e. raised air intake or snorkel and rear air locker) and leather seats.  The vehicle has standard Land Rover suspension and a standard Land Rover 200Tdi engine.  All internal trim is as found in a standard Land Rover.  However, the chassis is specific to the Ibex; a ‘space frame’ chassis, made of box section.  Bodywork is made of GRP panels (a form of plastic), not aluminium as used in the Land Rover Defender 90, enabling panels to be replaced quickly and easily if damaged ‘in action’.

The higher chassis gives improved ground clearance.  With a wheel ‘at each corner’, the vehicle has far better approach and departure angles.  As well as the normal ‘diff’ (allowing the outside wheel to go faster than the inside one), it has a rear air locker fitted, enabling the driver to lock the back axle (ensuring the rear wheels turn at the same speed), giving improved traction.

The Foers Ibex has an integral cage (i.e. doesn’t need a roll cage on the outside).  The bars on the outside are ‘brush guards’, another modification to keep branches off the vehicle.

The snorkel (raised air intake) is fitted specifically for wading, enabling the air intake to be higher up on the vehicle.  Our Ibex also has a ‘breather kit’ fitted (appropriate where oil is present, e.g. both axles, gear box and transfer box).

We've recently bought our second Ibex, chassis no. 57, a soft-top version - perfect for off-roading in the summer months!  Holme Valley 4x4 is also hosting the Ibex Owners Club, with a new website, www.ibexownersclub.co.uk  - add it to your favourites to keep up-to-date with future events and activities.

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